Artificial climbing "rocks"

Found 20th Mar 2008
I've seen these in one of the local shops recently, I thought it was IKEA, but they tell me they don't stock them. So I'm looking for a cheap supplier of these rocks, (as they use on artificial climbing walls.)
Any help or pointers would be appreciated.
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it not easy to see what you are talking about. as they a picture saids a thousand words. A bit of effort goes a long way. I dont think anybody minds helping, but maybe you couls do a bit of the work.

If you are on about the grips that you fix to the wall for climbing try on ebay I gor some there a few years ago.

ps do not fix to the house
Not being funny, but if I could find a picture then I would probably of found where to buy them from.
I've looked around already via the usual search engines and I can't find them, hence asking for help! (It might help if I knew what the "official" name for them was.)

Not everyone on here is lazy, some put the work in first and then ask for help. :x
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