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    Hi I'm thinking of getting some artificial grass in my garden what mm size would you say is best to get so it doesn't look cheap


    you can get free samples before making a decision.

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    you can get free samples before making a decision.

    Im away until Thursday and I want put it down on Friday


    Im away until Thursday and I want put it down on Friday

    i do recommend that you get free samples before making a final decision as it is a lot of money, you don't want to buy something you don't like. they come in different prices and different shades of colour.

    we got samples and could tell the difference between the samples. i would consider getting artificial grass for our front garden is we had front lawn or grass area.

    Go to a B & M BARGAINS with a gardening centre, They have lots of different types for sale & the prices are very competitive

    It all looks cheap.

    Look here

    I recommend 25mm looks the best

    not that im doubting your skillset or ambition.. but you intend to put it down on friday... yet you've not checked out a sample and you're asking on a deals website what we think you should get... i have to ask.. have you put some research in to the installation at all?

    consequently we are having ours installed next weds and thurs by a company. i cant do it myself. im just not that way inclined. but i wish i could do it myself. it just strikes me as odd if you have planned to install it and dont actually know what you want. but god oh god, if you are subjective to B+M for your fake grass then it will look cheap. lol.

    i had a few quotes and there is a lot of work involved you don't just lay it down you need anchor points , they lay concrete or wood strips around the edge of your garden so they can pull it tight also they dig so far down fill it will a bit of hard core and sand, its a bit like laying a carpet, if it isnt fastened down it will move and lift up

    Check these guys out. They seem the best price around and send it free samples. I'm ordering from them soon, as the samples I've got look great. I'm looking at getting 30mm Kensington grass as it looks the most life like green blades with bits of brown.
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    Useful info. We are at the same stage. Also just recently decided to go for composite decking but getting bewildered with choices
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