Artificial Sunlight in winter

Found 2nd Jan
The days are short and mornings are quite depressing. I am sure it is not just me. In order to make a positive change in this year, I am looking for an lighting arrangement which gives sort of 'sunlight effect'.

I know philips offers a wake-up light but I was wondering if there are any better value for money options?
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I bought one of these type of lights many years back for my husband who just really struggles to get up in the winter. I paid about £65 for it at the time, totally different design to this , but does the same job. Can't recommend it enough , gently turns the light on each morning so it's like waking up on a summer morning even in the depth of winter. His has a host of alarm sounds but is set on a gentle beach one . One of the few gadgets around the house that we would replace the next day if it broke , but as I say it's lasted years so actually really good value.

just googled the Phillips design one he has, and the reviews on it date from about 2008 , just to give an idea of how long we have been using it.
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I use the hue system as my wake up light.…ght

The hue white starter kit with 2 bulbs and hub is ~£50 at Currys, so can be less than a dedicated wake up clock depending on which you go for.

What I like is you can set the wake up times in the app for your week (eg. sun 7:30, mon/wed/fri 6:30), so there is no need to turn it on every night or ever.

Although articles from 2015 do say that the brightness goes from 0 to 30% at the start of the routine. Not sure if that has been lowered since or whether there are others apps that are better.
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Thank you for your suggestions. I am exploring the Philips wake-up light and the hue. Cost wise both are not cheap.
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