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my 14 year old son is currently underway in his art GSCE coursework. he needs to know some famous artists who use a lot of tone in their work. any suggestions?


He needs to think outside the box and look at the new current artists who showcase around the Uk and Europe.

Pieces can be viewed here on ]POW and they link directly to the artists websites. I've bought a few signed prints from here and watched some triple in value.

Look at Banksy for example. And Mode 2 who I think is great.


Tone is shading, from dark to light.

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he was looking more for classical artists but thanks anyway

Caravaggio was the king of tonal stuff - Chiarascuro as it is known in the Italian

Lots of 16th century Baroque stuff, I'd suggest he looks into some of that - its wonderful stuff.

Good luck!

MC Escher used a lot of tone in his artwork. Lots of black and white/illusion/mathematical art. Well worth a look, and i used his work in my GCSE Art exam! lol

Banksy is stencil/graffiti work, and not much tone to it?

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thank you guys

For something more diturbing and likely to appeal to a 14 year old boy ( it did to me at that age) try H.R. Gieger.[URL=""][/URL]
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