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Posted 28th Jan 2023
Hey all, hope you're well.
Was looking at buying a figure as a gift, brand is Medicom which seems to be Japanese.

Problem is I'm a bit clueless with this, I've come across, but are they a legitimate site? Everything looks fine to me and they even offer PayPal, but there's nothing on trustpilot and I've never heard of them.

They're based in France, it says TAX is calculated at checkout, but I don't actually see anything added on at the checkout phase. Does that mean I'd definitely have to pay import tax on an order of around £20-£30? Wouldn't be worth it in that case.

Alternatively, what's a good site for buying these sorts of figures in the UK? I googled but none seemed to have many Peanuts! figures from the Medicom brand

Thank you!
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  1. johnhumphreys's avatar
    For Japanese items, I order from Plaza Japan. Under £135 and no fees incurred. Shipping price depends on the size of the item though.

    I had a package dispatched from Japan last Monday morning and it was delivered Thursday afternoon.
    KencoOutMyNostrils's avatar
    Thank you, the prices look quite reasonable there though delivery is £20. Only after the 1 item so it's a bit much but probably well worth it if you're spending some more. Nice to know no import fees too
  2. a666andy's avatar
    If the purchase price is under £135 then the seller is meant to lake the vat / tax etc. At time of purchase. For the price you mention you should be fine…uty
    KencoOutMyNostrils's avatar
    That's generally what I expect but there's nothing about VAT at checkout so I'm a bit concerned I guess?
  3. KencoOutMyNostrils's avatar
    Just a quick update, there do seem to be some Google reviews. Some are fine, others less so. Am I covered if I just use PayPal?
  4. KencoOutMyNostrils's avatar
    Just a quick update. Looked into it a bit more and it seems ok.

    The figure i was looking at on their website said there was only 1 left in stock, so I kind of panicked, bit the bullet and placed the order with PayPal.

    Will update on how it goes!
    If anyone is curious it's the Medicom Peanuts Lucy Psychiatric booth figure. Seems really hard to find anywhere, not that I really know where to look
  5. KencoOutMyNostrils's avatar
    So here's the update.
    Placed the order.
    Asked them if they could delay the shipment so I could add something else and have then ship together. Got a helpful response saying go ahead and contact us once you do.

    Heard nothing after that.
    Early morning today, an email saying they don't have what I ordered and it was just a stock error.

    Can't find this anywhere at a reasonable price so guess I'm shafted.
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