Artwork, what interests you?

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Found 18th Dec 2009
At high school I used to love art and am thankfully quite gifted in that respect.

I have a real urge to get back into it, and would love to perhaps create artwork to sell. Having been to cornwall recently I quire fancy painting some of the scenes like Polperro, Sennen etc of which I took plenty of photos.

I just wondered if we have any artists on the site who sell their work, or anyone who has an opinion of art that they like.

Banksy was just on RealDeal, I like his edgy work, and it got me thinking about abstract vs reality paintings etc. As much as I enjoy abstract pieces I do prefer those which feature realistic scenes etc I think.

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i prefer abstract model exhibitions...probably as thats what i specialised in when i took my GCSE...i cant do anything real life

I cant draw for toffee but would love to, i can just about manage a stick man ! I do like Banksy's art but some of it i have seen is stencil work, but it does get you thinking though.

Ive always wondered how an artsist's thought process differs to say mine & how they see things, my uncle is an artist & ive tried in the past, but i get a mental block, nothing comes out of the paint/pencil, some of the things he has done as rough & then binned, to me would be Tate Gallery stuff !

Anita Klein have a considerable amount of her work
Billy Childish and fair amount of his work

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I think it just shows how everyone has different types and opinions.
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