As anyone used before

Found 13th Apr 2010
i was wondering has anyone used this company before??…tml

i know they fake shirts im not to bothered by that but i just wanted to know if anyone has used them and how good the fake is??
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They ripped me off, i ordered a fake one and a real one was sent :x

hha :-D
Are they actually real or fake???

Are they actually real or fake???

for the price they have to be fake but i know u can get really good fakes so i just wondered if anyone has got one ?
i just orderd 1

i just orderd 1

so did i what did u order?
80 england home 40 away and 40 france home

80 england home 40 away and 40 france home

80??? shirts i take it your a buisness then i hope for ur sake they a "good" fake where did u get the england away top from?? i didnt see it on the site?
I always order from there.. In my opinion i dont think there fakes just slight seconds.. Theyre always spot on apart from a minor thing i.e tiny slanted writing on back of neck etc
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