As soon as I've realised it's Hermes/Evri delivering my package...

Posted 21st Aug 2022
3984321-f8ij2.jpg I have redirected it to the locker. not taking anymore chances with them pretending they've knocked on my doors. Then this has happened.

This is too good to be true even for them
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    How they are still in business I’ll never know.
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    I was out in the countryside today and if you are from Forth or Bearsden (and any other surrounding areas) and wondering where your Evri parcel is, they've been dumped unopened in a couple of fields between Motherwell and Shotts (could be more elsewhere):

    Marks and Spencer, QVC, Zara, White Stuff, Asos, Elixir Garden Supplies, Pitney Bowes, and GB Warehouse, amongst the senders that I looked at.

    Funnily enough, their FAQ doesn't provide a contact for "I've found a load of Evri parcels dumped by the courier" (or any other means for contact). (edited)
    Driver must be thick as well as dishonest then, if he's dumping stuff out in the open that can be traced back to him.
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    As soon as I've realised it's Hermes/Evri delivering my package...

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    Lockers faulty, has happened to me a couple of times, driver would have reported it, probably get repaired in the next couple of days (edited)
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    How big is the item? Could it be to big to fit in one?
    Definitely not. Just small house camera from one of deals on HUKD.
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    This must depend on your local delivery person no? My kids are always sending and receiving parcels using Hermes and we’ve not had an issue but when we did it was a big problem, sim returned an iPhone 13 pro to Amazon who chose Hermes and the package just sort of disappeared!
    It certainly does we had a great woman for about 5 years her replacement has been brilliant for about 8. Only on one Sunday delivery did it go wrong and the normal guy doesn’t work Sundays. Parcel was found just half a street away.
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    Supposed to have a parcel delivered last Thursday which then said there was an issue delivery next day ,still waiting
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    Maybe all the lockers were full?
    We will never know I guess. They have just delivered today. My thinking is delivery driver has been stopped on his way or was simply too lazy to go to the locker. Either way I've got my order delivered and I still do not trust Hermes/Evri at all.
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    Even the big boys can get it wrong. Orderd 12th, fulfilled by Amazon."carrier picked up package" 16th and that's it. Now it could be their own carrier or a subby. Amazon have refunded and reorder due tomorrow.
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    I have close-up photos of some addresses. The dates of sending is on them, ranges from 10 Nov to 16 Nov 2022.
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    I've mentioned it to my sister-in-law who has local news connections, though she's on maternity leave and it might not get read for hours .

    Sadly, this sort of thing is reasonably common just before Xmas with casual workers and the heavier workload (used to know some guys who'd work casual shifts in Royal Mail sorting offices way back when, some would manage to dump parcels or nick stuff - though, we're talking 30-odd years ago). I'm sure Royal Mail's security is a bit tighter nowadays! (edited)
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