ASB you have more face's than a pack of cards.

    You tell myself & other Members I've been Suspended for "Insulting other members" when I have like others used the same words like Idiot,Muppet,Numnut etc etc on here every other day without any action being taken.

    The funny/weird thing about the Thread you banned me on is that you deleted the Posts where I made complaints about the Celtic fans singing IRA songs & the hate they have for Protestants in the songs against Hearts the other night (Wednesday) & I posted a Link to FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) telling rangers fans that they can make a complaint to FARE if they believe the songs are sectarian.

    I'm entitled to defend my club when people/members insult it & I'll continue to defend my club even if a Mod like yourself also shows his feelings when his club is insulted as well & from what I've seen on Misc you have never Suspended a Celtic fan in any of these threads & Myself,RFC,Kev_u8701r & others have been banned.......I wonder why !!!

    Please don't respond to my 2p opinion of your Modding of this site & just ban me if that makes it easier for you.

    Like I've said in the past & will say again.
    Why not call Misc "The Celtic View" Forum.

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    Please use the Contact Us facility to discuss with admins.

    The real reason for the infraction has already been notified to you at the time.

    Sorry, commenting is no longer available on this discussion.

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