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LocalFound 19th Jun 2017
Evening people

I've got a garage roof made up asbestos cement corrugated sheets ( 8 in total )

Does anybody know how much to get somebody in to remove it safely please ?

Been thinking about doing it myself but reading up online this appears to be dangerously risky or is it not ?

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Please do not do it yourself, asbestos needs to be disposed in the correct manner by specialist who are registered and licensed.

Please contact a local asbestos removal company in your area.
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Even if you did take the risk to do it yourself and get masks etc to reduce the risk. Disposing of it legally would be almost impossible. It's just not worth the risk get the professionals in.
My advice would be to get a sample tested…BwE

You never know, it might not actually be asbestos, on the other hand, if you are positive, then you need the professionals. Your text here
What's your location.

I may be able to assist.
I manage commercial property across Nottm, Derby, Leicester and sometimes stretch a little further.

Have many contacts I can point you to also if needed for this.

Let me know, cheers.
I had a look at a house where the garage roof had been cut and a glass pane sealed into it Made me nervous.
I not sure what the current situation is with this stuff. There was a bin at our local council recycling centre although not there now? .. The tip.. Where you could throw this stuff in for free. Before that there was a yard near us where you could take it on a Saturday morning. Have a look at your local council recycling centre website for information as it varies across the country it seems.
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i had an asbestos garage and spoke with my local authority tip.. they have me 20 sacks white and red.. broke it up placed it in white sack first then red sack double bagged and took it down to the tip where they had a special container that held them...
Asbestos cement is at low risk end of asbestos removal work - you don't need to be licensed to do it. Make sure it is wet when working on it - cutting/breaking/drilling. Wear a disposable suit and a dust rated disposable mask.…pdf

Speak with your local council on the actual disposal - don't know what it will cost you.
Cheers going to get somebody in who knows what they are doing - just had a quote online from one firm who want £800 oO

No way I'm paying that will find somebody else
450 to 500 is normal for a garage.

Cheers going to get somebody in who knows what they are doing - just had … Cheers going to get somebody in who knows what they are doing - just had a quote online from one firm who want £800 oONo way I'm paying that will find somebody else

Thats a standard price and very cheap i was quoted £1500 but not paying too...
£2000 one neighbour paid to remove it. Another put in dust bin over months while another dug a hole in garden and stuck it in. Crazy.
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I wouldn't risk doing it youself, and breathing it in to get cancer a few years down the line.
The why they charge so much, because it takes time.
I have an asbestos roof on my garage which has a broken panel. As far as I know you need to be exposed to asbestos for a continuos period of time for it to be serious and grey asbestos is very low risk. I will be doing the repair myself using a disposable suit but ideally you should have a faced fitted mask which matches the contours of your face. You are probably more at risk if you live in an old property that has dust from old brake linings before they went asbestos free. One of our guys at work is going on an asbestos course on Friday so I will ask him what the best procedure is if you don't want to call in a specialist. They have an asbestos bin at our local tip.
Are you sure it's asbestos? There are fairly modern materials that are fibrous imitations without any asbestos in them. Get it tested - you may be lucky.
Wait until it's really windy do a bit damage and claim on your house insurance .
Get togged up with disposable overalls, dust mask to spec FFP3, gloves. dampen the sheets down with a hose pipe, get the sheets onto the floor and break up just enough to get into bags then put these into another bag (double bagged) tape up the tops, all the time keep the area wet to stop any air bourne dust. Once all cleaned up, bag up the mask, overalls etc and bin them, then have good a shower.
The bagged material can be taken to recycle centres, not all take them so check with the council. Asbestos roofing is the least harmful if handled correctly, only when it is broken up and the fibres disturbed is it a hazard.
if you do it yourself wear tyvec do it when raining keep it in one piece where possible cover it in cling film type
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