Asda 3 crates of lager for £20 (Online)

    Purchased 9 crates of lager last night, confirmed at £60 when i purchased. Needless to say you don't bother checking the receipt when they come and drop them off, you don't have time too. Anyway i have been charged £70 instead of the £60. Just got in touch with them via the online system..

    Even checked my online order which is also priced at £70... Which wasn't the case yesterday when i confirmed the order.

    My order email confirmation also states £60, so i think they shall be refunding me £10!


    Why stress you have 9 crates of lager to drink!:?

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    You should never pay more than what was agreed on, end of.

    Are you drunk ?

    may also even if you a "sorry" credit card (normally when asda over charge, you get £2 ot £5 on a gift card).. in fact, you should ask for this :thumbsup:

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    Yeah we will see, i aint counting on anything - but it specifically says - that they charge what they offer in store at that time. Well, i know that its 3 for £20... So all i expect is my £10 back! - maybe an extra crate for free on top for the hassle? heh!
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