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Found 20th May 2010
Does anyone know if the "20 cans of Stella for £10 dea"l is still on at Asda??


i'm headed there tonight to have a look

Morrisons have got the bottles of Stella on 3 for £18 just now. 45 bottles for £18 not bad?

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great - could you let me know?

yeah i'll give you a shout when i get back, should be about 9ish

Apparently theres picket lines across all asda stores tonight, made up from battered housewives :thumbsup:

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cheers - save me a trip tomorrow if the deal aint on


back to 12 quid i think, from the quick look today

yep wasn't any available in store when i looked

My mate had to pay £14 for 20 cans at our local Asda yesterday :-(
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