ASDA codes useless half the time?

Half the time is a bit harsh, but 30%-40% wouldn't be really.

ASDA home delivery seem to have a good knack of knocking off goods to bring total shopping amounts below the minimum spend invalidating any £10 off £50 code for example you might think you applied to your checkout order.

And unfortunately I do not like the subsitutes Asda generally provide if the item I want is not in stock.


Have to say I disagree.

We use Asda home delivery virtually every week & almost alway have a code. (My wife & I double up on the same code by each using it once on alternative weeks)

Even when items are knocked off I have never had an occasion where the voucher still wasn't applied.

Re the subs, I usually find they are pretty good. Also the really good thing is that if they give you a sub which is more expensive than your original item they will price match.

I have tried Tesco, Sainsburys & Iceland (when they used to do online) and none of their substitute policies are as good.

Another thing I have found is that if you are unhappy with anything after the driver has left, e.g. subs, poor quality or sell by dates, you just ring customer services. They will arrange a refund & you still keep the items!!

I agree with rocky1man, they've been excellent with voucher codes over the past six months or so.

Their whole shopping experience has become better, much improved from about a year ago

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