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Posted 17th Dec 2019
Update 2
All Asda brand are now un-suspended from hotukdeals, and can be posted again by anyone
Hi all

Just a quick update. Asda are currently suspended with us, meaning deals from these brands below cannot currently be posted on hotukdeals

Asda Groceries
Asda George
Asda Mobile
Asda Money (travel money and credit cards)
Asda Travel
Asda Tyres

We are in conversations with the retailer and are hopeful we can allow them back on in the future.
Community Updates
Update 1
During the coronavirus outbreak, we are un-suspending Asda Groceries and Asda Petrol as we don't want to limit the visibility of these deals for essential products during this time as scarcity

Deals will be allowed for those specific items, provided they meet the temporary rules we have put in place during the COVID-19 situation
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