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Found 23rd Apr 2009
As above really how does the payment process for ASDA work, as I was under the impression grocery home delivery for any store was something like this, They pre authorise your card for that amount, deliver the shopping and then take the money? My bank also just said this is what happens, to prevent them delivering a whole load of shopping then the payment bounces.
So I get an email from Asda at 19.30 today telling me they are debiting my card tomorrow for an unknown amount relating to a shop february time.
No amount, no date, no order number, if they forgot to process the payment I obviously don't mind paying, I am just angry that, no contact was made home/mobile/email, they just tell me they will be debiting my card tomorrow and won't tell me for what order!?!?!?
I am suprised I missed them not taking a payment but we were in the middle of moving Feb so I did not pay as much attention to the bank statements as I should of done, too busy chasing schools, transferring bills etc.
I would not mind but just an explanation of how much for, when, what order so I can check. Instead I get an email just telling me my card will be debited tomorrow for an unknown amount, from an order approximately 2-3 months ago!
I phoned customer services and all they said was that's that really, no order, no date, no amount!
I am tempted to cancel my card until they confirm the details what do you guys think?
Luckily I am ok with money and everything, but what a shambles.
Has anyone had anything similar, so glad I have been using Sainsburys for my shop now!
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from past experience with asda the way it works is they take £1 to authorise the shop and then take the final amount when it goes throught the checkout before delivery if theres a problem they dont deliver so there is no way they can not have charged you . personnaly id cancel my card till i got more answers.
Something doesn't add up here.....They can't even tell you the amount?
are you sure that it's asda?

No I know, this is what's really making me angry, can't even tell me the … No I know, this is what's really making me angry, can't even tell me the order number or date, some time Feb.Yeah I rang their customer services number direct from the website, and they said a payment for a shop in Feb had not been processed. Still no date or amount, nothing, so cross. I spoke to 2 supervisors who are getting accounts to ring me tomorrow supposedly............

I'd be pretty cross....this should not happen at all. I'd make a fuss see what they do then.
id cancel the card and then when they write to you saying you owe them say i will pay for what i owe but i need you to tell me what i owe first, its not very fair what if you had no money in the bank if they cant give you a simple answer like the ammount they taking id defo cancel
good luck hope it gets sorted
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