Asda Delivery Pass cancelation for disabled person

Posted 16th Oct 2020
I selection the option previously whereby Asda autorenew my Delivery Pass, but they have seemingly cancelled it sometime in the last week or so. Upon looking at my account, my existing Delivery Pass now appears to have vanished.

I am also a vulnerable customer and am registered disabled, and so actually getting food deliveries is extremely important.

I phoned them up yesterday and their customer service rep on the phone was very rude to me. When I explained I was disabled and needed the pass she suggested that I just "make more of an effort". She explained that Asda aren't autoreviewing Delivery Passes for any of their customers with existing Delivery Passes, and that they are hence being automatically cancelled. I told her that this seemed incorrect, certainly based on everything I could locate on their website. She seemed to simply be reading your website herself and kept me on hold for about half an hour, as she literally had to look up the information and had no idea how the Delivery Pass scheme worked at the most basic level.

I was also told previously that I was registered as a Priority Customer. Yet, it now appears they didn't even do that for me. She informed me that my only option was from this point onwards to pay for deliveries separately each time. I actually had a delivery supposed to be getting delivered today, but they sought to charge me £6 delivery for it I see. Being disabled I am on a very limited budget and this is a lot for me to pay for a single delivery. I am now having to reschedule my order until next week, by which time I though they would have been able to resolve this matter. I needed to get some food in and have had this order booked for around a week.

I am really quite annoyed at the extent to which I have been repeatedly given incorrect information by staff who clearly don't know what they are talking about.

I just received the following email from them. "To cover increased demand and to make it fair, unfortunately, we are unable to offer delivery passes to customers at the moment. This is to ensure we can make slots available to as many people as possible." I have been with Asda for many years and this is astonishing to me that they would do this.

All I was asking was to have my pass renewed, which I was happy and willing to pay for, and, ideally, to be registered as a Priority Customer. How they can occasion treating your vulnerable, disabled customers with disregard like this is beyond me.
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