Went into place an order for several items at Asda Electrical last night. I got as far as the Check Credit Card Details screen which informed me that I would be taken to the Place Order screen once they had verified the card. Halfway through the verification process I got chucked out the site. I went in again and placed all the items in the basket, clicked to verify the card, and got chucked out again. Third time lucky though, the card got verfied and took me to the Place Order screen. I duly placed the order. Ten minutes later I get 3 e-mails from Asda for 3 different orders. I went in and checked my account, and sure enough 3 identical orders had been processed, despite 2 of them never reaching the Place Order screen. I can't cancel them because Asda don't work Sundays or Bank Holidays. It's particularly annoying that Asda seem to debit your card immediately an order is placed, regardless of the fact that the items are out of stock and on order from the supplier. Can anyone confirm whether they debit immediately or on the day of despatch please? The website does say that you can cancel an order at any time by contacting customer services, but if items have already been processed, you may have to pay the delivery charge! I'm hoping this can all get sorted in the morning 'cos I'm not paying Asda any charges for a technical cock-up on their website. If anyone else is planning to buy from them today and they experience the same problem, check your account status before ordering a second time.


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I have just gone back in to Asda account and only one order is showing now. They haven't opened or responded to my cancellation e-mail, so I have no idea what has happened to the other 2 orders that went through in error. I have also received 2 system generated e-mails - the first telling me my goods are available for delivery and asking me to follow a link to arrange a delivery date - the second telling me that my goods are currently unavailable and on order from the supplier. Now I'm really confused!!! It was so much easier on the Argos website!!

Contact your bank and explain its a process error they should be able to sort your card from there. Its quite a regular occurence, its happened twice to me, I phoned bank and they cancelled the duplicate transactions and then I contacted the company concerned.

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Hi, I tried getting the card company to stop the 2 payments, but I was told they couldn't do it and that I would have to speak to Asda. The call centre is somewhere in India, and although the staff are friendly & helpful, there are often communication problems on both sides. The phone connection was pretty bad too. I try to avoid companies with overseas call centres on principle. Not for racist reasons, but because I think making Brits redundant to save money on a second rate customer service really sucks.
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