Asda food = cheap

Just incase you didnt know...Asda sell cheap food.
Buy it quick before it runs out........and then gets restocked with more cheap foods.
I hear its cheaper than tesco as well.
crazy deals......crazy


i like their fresh juices (ones in bottle form)

you dont work for ASDA do you?

lolz! whats this in relation to? crappy basic/value deals being posted?

I hear their chips are as cheap as chips.

never heard of them.

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awwwwww why cold?
you should go check out there deals..there mega


lol worst post ever?

asda = cheap prices = very cheap and nasty food, go figure

pound shop sell things for a pound too , go get em

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pound shop sell things for a pound too , go get em

hey man..start your own deal :whistling:
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