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Asda groceries online not working for anyone else?

Posted 11th Apr 2015
Yesterday afternoon I tried to book a slot via the Android app for today but, I kept getting an error message. Once I got home and on my laptop, every time I load the home page, it redirects me to the page telling me there's a technical error. This is still the case this morning. Has anyone else had any problems, those with a delivery pass?
Reason I mention delivery pass is, I created a new account last night and I got no errors and this morning I can log into the new account fine and go to book a slot etc. Even got my partners old account signed in and all works fine. So then I signed into my account, as my account has the delivery pass and as soon as I'm signed in, it all goes to pot and I just keep getting redirected to the error message page.
So am wondering if it's affecting others with delivery passes as well, or if it's just an issue with my account.
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