Asda having major issues with deliveries today

Found 24th Sep 2017
Hey all, hearing Asda are having major problems with deliveries today due to technical glitches - Money being taken 3/4 times, orders being cancelled or turning up extremely late - I've not ordered from them but may help you our!

Might be worth giving them a ring if you're expecting a delivery or even click and collect

Asda CS contact number - 0800 952 0101 - Assuming lines will be busy though!

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Happening in Warrington 😡
I've had one delivery not turn up, and driver stated I didn't answer the doorbell (I don't have a doorbell). Another had items missing. Both times I rang and insisted on full refund and voucher codes. Got them as well !
Mine cancelled in Doncaster and they have given me £15 email voucher to say sorry
I haven't bothered with ASDA since 2012 when they cancelled two of my orders without telling me, just nothing showed up, money was refunded later. I called to complain, their whole attitude was they just didn't care about the time they had wasted for me or the lack of food I then had as a result of their actions. So I can ultimately never shop there again as there is no form of promise that an order will arrive or any form or warning or apology when it doesn't.
Well my order should be between 19:00 and 21:00 but no idea if it's coming. I've not had a cancellation email but my order got updated earlier saying delivered at 14:55 with all items unavailable, then I got a text at 18:00 saying it's out for delivery. Who knows, but really annoying as I would have popped to a shop for a few essentials if I knew it wasn't coming.

I really must switch to somebody else as ASDA have been rubbish on several occasions, but it's just so much easier to shop at the same place you usually use.

Edit - and it arrived!
Edited by: "Mark43" 24th Sep 2017
So far we have had an order cancelled, then a message to say it might be cancelled (after it already was) then they took the money anyway. We called and they assured us it would go back in today but I suspect that was nonsense as they person on the phone could barely scrape together a sentence in English. We rebooked for today I dread to think how much they might have taken.
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