asda home delivery are a flipping nightmare!!!!!!

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Found 23rd Dec 2007
well guys i should have listened, but no i ordered my christmas shop online with asda even my TURKEY..and guess what??? no Turkey and half the items missing or cheap sub's, they are even trying to over charge me £14.42p.
so guess who's off to tesco at midnight for a flipping turkey!


I had it bad last night with them.
They wont care as they are such a big concern,
never ever again, once biten, such a waste of our time.

yes i totally agree lots of items not delivered off to morrisons at 7 am!

i had my asda delivery today... 3 substitutes which were fine & one item unavailable which wasn't important anyway... Why'd you leave getting your turkey until the last minute vinyl? I've had mine since the middle of November!

I had asda delivery today, no missing items, and 1 substitute. They swopped 8 garlic bread slices with cheese, for 2 packs of 9 garlic bread slices without cheese - and charged the original price. Not sure why they sent 2 packs rather than 1 though! One went in the freezer Got an extra pack of corn on cob wheels with no charge too!

I had home delivery with Asda also. Xmas pudding wasnt deliverd and some of the prepared veg etc ( root mash etc) ready to roast potatoes had dates on for christmas eve. So im not too impressed. My substitutes were not good. My sister always does hers online with Tesco, i think im going to try those!
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