ASDA - home delivery warning

Posted 31st Mar 2020
Just wanted to let everyone know that IF you are fortunate to get a home delivery slot with Asda please check the final delivery order total value against your debit/credit card statement.
I had a delivery last Friday 27/3, the final order value/invoice after supplied items, subbed items, oos items was adjusted from £189.93 down to £148.12.
However, I checked my online statement today and I have been charged the full amount prior to subs and oos items £189.93.
I tried calling Asda various times on Monday but unable to get through to a human being. I am now left in a position where Asda have overcharged me £41.81 for non supplied items.
Does anybody have any advice how I can speak with someone at Asda to get this issue resolved?
Just a head's up to everyone else doing online orders at the moment, please double check your bank statements after receiving orders to make sure they match up with the total your supposed to pay.
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