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ASDA home grocery delivery 3 hours late (and counting) and been fobbed off loads of times. What is their late delivery policy?

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Posted 24th May 2008
Asda were supposed to deliver an order between 10am and 12pm. We received a call at 11.15am from a driver saying they were running 30 minutes late and they would be with us asap. Nothing came, no phone calls so at 1.30pm we called up asking where it was and a lady said the van was just being loaded which was bizzare seeeing as the van was supposed to be on it's way 2 hours earlier. At 2.30pm, we phoned again, only to be put through to delivery dept and be cut off, twice. Finally just now after calling agaib, a guy said he has no idea where the van is, it's gone off radar and no idea when or if we will get our delivery.
Jeez, not good customer services.
Anyone any idea what their late delivery policy is? We were supposed to be at a BBQ today for lunch and pretty much missed it now, and we were supposed to be bringing the booze (care of asda)!
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