ASDA Killzone 3 (Collectors Edition) Trade In Price?

    Anyone know how much ASDA are giving for Killzone 3 trade in at the moment please?


    collectors edition with the dlc not used?

    I dont think shops care if dlc is used or unused.

    I doubt if they will accept it.

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    DLC's all been used etc so probably only get the standard price for Killzone 3 although it's the Steel Book case


    whether DLC has been used or not ASDA treat all games as standard i asked them this due to not getting more then i thought for modern warfare 2 hardened.


    £25 I believe, not worth it.

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    GAME are giving £30 for the standard edition............not sure on the limited but they will give you more than the standard unlike most other places.

    HMV gave me £36 trade in for killzone 3 standard edition and offered £28 cash
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