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Posted 11th Jun 2022
**Edit - IGNORE. Damned technology was letting me down. Was able to grab another phone and problem resolved, despite there being nothing wrong (allegedly) with the first one ! ***

I'm doing the Port Dance with Asda and Lebara. But it seems that Asda will not allow you to receive calls unless you have credit (which they fail to warn you of) with all calls going to answermachine. The caller hears 2 rings, you hear nothing.
You cannot call or turn off the A/M unless you pay for the call. Nor can you access it remotely without first setting up a code, so another demand for credit.
They have an option for Custom Amount when topping up, but no descriptive of the minimum, and I am not putting a fortune on there when it is for people to ring me.
Any idea what the minimum is?
Tried 25p and 50p, and now I am bugged with it. They make money when people call me. They shouldn't need mine as well.
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    Always used to be £5. I think you can get bundles for £4 IIRC <edit> seems to be £5 now too. (edited)
    Not paying that.
    That's almost negates my Lebara savings.

    As a heads up - Airtime Rewards do not support Asda for credit
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    Surely doing the "port dance" simply involves using Asda for porting your cherished phone number etc.

    Are you saying that this is no longer possible without some credit on the Asda phone sim?
    The time frame between changes, plus allowing for a glitch or the weekend, could see you without a receiving phone for a few days. As is my case.
    I had aimed for it to all be done before the weekend, but asda were slow, and passed some blame to Lebara despite my number clearly being on the Asda network. Now I have to wait until Monday to apply the PAC to Lebara, who in turn won't get anything done until mid - late Tuesday. So the best laid plans got screwed up, and now I can't receive.
    The Lebara is live so I can make calls, but, like me, my contacts either hlock or don't answer unknown numbers.
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    Min top up £1
    Using the app whilst trying to pay £1, I get the same result of "something went wrong, please retry". This with / out the vpn, so it looks like they need some silly amount just to keep it live.
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    If your AM account holds payment card info, try sending a text from your AM SIM to 2732
    where TOPUP = the instruction
    1 = the topup amount
    nnnn = last 4 digits of the payment card
    # = a separator to assist some dumb computer to understand how to interpret your instruction.
    Tried that, thank you. It is only once they send a message back that they tell you the minimum is £5.
    I am not that desperate for people to be able to contact me that I am prepared to pay for this grief to be over. It will be sorted on Tuesday when the porting is finished
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    I recently got Asda sim, moved from giffgaff, 0 credit, ported old giffgaff number, and can ring the number even now.
    I can ring the number, but it is not received at my phone, which is perfectly good for calls
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    There is no minimum topup to receive calls.

    I've done the port dance from three to Asda. I can receive calls and texts
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