Posted 25th Mar 2021
As of the 25th March 2021 Asda Mobile Sim Cards now use the Vodafone Network they have revamped there plans as part of the relaunch of there service…les
£4 for Unlimited Calls and Texts
£5 for 1GB Unlimited Calls and Texts
£7 for 3GB Unlimited Calls and Texts

Plans that Include 5G Data

£10 for 10GB Unlimited Calls and Texts
£15 for 18GB
£20 for 30GB
£25 for 50GB

Unlimited Data Plans
£20 Capped at 2MBPS
£25 Capped at 10MBPS
£30 Uncapped Speeds
Community Updates
So Asda recently moved over to the Vodafone network and they now have a new lower Pay As You Go Rates along with new bundles.
Their new PAYG rates are:
4p per minute
4p per text
4p per mb

Three has moved all existing 321 customers onto their new more expensive rates. I’ll be in the process of moving my grandparents over from Three to Asda Mobile once restrictions are eased further.

Existing o2 classic 321 rates customers stays on the plan, new customers will be on new expensive rates unless you purchase a classic sim from eBay.

You just have to make one chargeable event (call, text or internet) every 180 days to keep your credit and I think this is very reasonable.

1p mobile have very cheap rates but I’m sure everyone knows of their policy where you must top up £10 every 120 days which is not ideal for most PAYG users

This makes Asda Mobile very competitive for the PAYG market as the vast majority of networks are increasing their PAYG rates and some are completely getting rid of PAYG!

You can order a free sim from their website or purchase one from your Asda store
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