Asda online groceries - how long do I have to 'amend my order'?

Posted 15th Jan 2011
Hi all.

As above really.

I usually order from Tesco and you can add things to your order up till 4am on the day of delivery

Anyone know when the cut-off point is with Asda?

Thank yous x x x
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I would cancel it and go back to ASDA.

There service is terrible.

I would cancel it and go back to ASDA.There service is terrible.

? Did you mean to say go back to Tesco?? The service is much better with Tesco than ASDA. ASDA sucks, but you do get that 10% price promise...

EDIT: You get until 10pm the night before your delivery is due to amend. If you fail to check out they will still send the original order.
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I think its 10 the night before. Should have stuck with tesco! Asda home delivery is awful!
Indeed Frootcake. I too used to shop online at ASDA it's a non-service.

Indeed Frootcake. I too used to shop online at ASDA it's a non-service.

+1 awful CS and never had a complete order yet!
Thanks for replying everyone - sorry I didn't reply earlier, had a bit of an emergency here.

I last used Asda about 3/4 years ago and I agree they were rubbish then, but there is a good deal on washing liquid (for clothes) so thought I would order for delilvery as there isn't a store thats convenient for me to go to.

I had expected that their service would have improved by now but I guess not, after I started this thread I saw that one of my friends was moaning about Asda on her Facebook (they were 4 hours late LOL!)

Asda website is rubbish too, or maybe I am just used to Tesco one - think I might cancel the order and just go to the store if I want the liquids (though I hate the stores too :D)
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