Asda online shopping

really bad experience with them.

orderd our shoppinf, turned up great, a few items substituted, no big deal some would say.

orderd flash lemon kitchen cleaner, got send asda kitchen cleaner with bleach. bottle was loose, and destroyed my other halfs t-shirt.

been trying to get a sorry out of them for well over a week. no such luck.

half the food they sent was really short dated aswell. I wont be using asda again, first time i had used them for online shopping aswell.

not good customer service, their call centres seem to be the only place where they are trained in the art of having manners.


We have had many problems with Asda home shopping, and only ever use them if absolutely desperate, last time we dealt with it via the store manager rather than the call centre. We were told that each store dealing with online orders has a dedicated team and a manager, once we got through to him he managed to sort it for us.

I had a rather unusual substitution from asda just before Christmas.
I ordered some cheap 50p Christmas crackers ... and their substitute?
A pack of jacobs cream crackers!!!!
Bozos! It amused me for a while at least!!!

Been using them since last September now with not too many problems. When we get a small problem I just request a free delivery code from them, which they happily give out. Substitutes are funny though, have had 1 pack of moist tissues replacing a full 12 pack of toilet rolls (??!!) and a rather amusing ladies sanitary product one which I won't go into, but can only imagine it was a young male picker at the shelf that day, not wanting to spend too much time inspecting the goods!

I admit I prefer Tesco, but use Asda if I get a delivery code, the thing I prefer about them is that when they substituted my Asda cat food with Whiskers, they still only charged me the price of the asda variety. Tesco dont price match on their substitutions.
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