ASDA Online Shopping - Anyone else get "free" stuff ?

Posted 23rd Dec 2015
Just curious really but when i do my weekly shop with ASDA i tend to always find something that i didn't order in my bag (and since i didnt order them i wasn't charged)

So far i've had:

A bag of Blackcurrant liquorice
2 packs of Cous Cous
2 bottles of wolfblass red wine

Todays gem was just an item switch where i'd ordered a £4.15 chicken and received a £7.24 chicken instead. I understand substitutions, not sure how these "free" items sneak in.

Does this happen to anyone else?
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Had a palmolive hand soap once?
just delivered.....nothing!

Had a palmolive hand soap once?

i'd rather have that than cous cous and liqourice but still happy for the little gifts. Out of the last 6 deliveries i've made 4 gains. Not a bad ratio for me, not so good for asda
Does this happen to anyone else?

Well if it did mouth almighty it wont be any more! Always one who looks the gift horse up the anus!
This happens time to time, especially during this time of year when they have hired new people to pick/pack/deliver groceries, orders can get mixed up.

If you keep the stuff, then someone else will be missing it from their order.

I almost got 6 bottles of wine last year but my stupid conscience automatically piped up saying I didn't order them.
i normally don't find them till they're in the kitchen and the delivery guys gone. We have had tropicana before and sent that back when we noticed but all the other bits have been right in with everything else i've ordered. Bit nuts really
if I see it while they are delivering I will tell them its not mine, but if I find something I didnt order once the guy has left then I keep it. First time it happened I phoned them and they said to keep it, I think it wouldve been too much hassle for the guy to come back for it and take it to the correct customer.

Ive also had things missing but I get refunded for that so I certainly wouldnt worry about keeping something I didnt order. .

Ive had some really good subs , but Ive also had some really crappy ones

Best gift I got from Asda was at xmas time a few years ago, I had ordered 200 cigarettes which I got, but they werent on my invoice and was never charged for them. I did feel a wee bit guilty for a little while.
Yeah every now and then it happens. When stuff was delivered in bags, sometimes there'd be something at the bottom of the bag we didn't order. Think last Christmas, we got an orange chocolate bomb which we didn't order and veggie nuggets. But on the other hand, we got those two frozen items but, not our frozen turkey :-|.
What has happened once is, I was given my order sheet and it said certain items were subbed and I never actually saw these items. The guy went back to the van as there was a few items missing and brought another basket up which had the wrong sticker on, was for another delivery. After he left realised that the labels must have been switched on two of the baskets as we had a bag of stuff which we didn't order. Unfortunately nowt much of interest lol. Was told to keep it though when I rang to explain what had happened.
A few weeks later I ended up with a bottle of vodka neither me or my partner ordered in amongst everything else we ordered oO
I got a £3o bottle of champagne about a year ago. I phoned immediately to tell them and got a very rude man, who insisted on knowing the exact name and product code. I told them I didn't know and asked him to send someone out to collect it. He didnt confirm or otherwise. About four weeks later my son was going to dinner with his gf's parents for their anniversary and I gave him the champagne. A further couple of weeks on, a delivery man asked did he deliver champagne with my shopping as it had been reported missing by the purchaser. I told him exactly what had happened and he said that it wouldn't have lasted four days in his house, never mind four weeks.
Yeah, I got about 4 bags of stuff last time I ordered! Very odd, as I ordered from Tesco
Thankfully i haven't had anything missing from an order so far, if it is me that takes the delivery in i always double check the subs are in. Since the new 5p bag charge i've noticed they really cram stuff into the bags they deliver things in now so there's not much chance of checking through it till the delivery guys gone

Champagne is a bit of a score though

Yeah, I got about 4 bags of stuff last time I ordered! Very odd, as I … Yeah, I got about 4 bags of stuff last time I ordered! Very odd, as I ordered from Tesco

Oh no you didnt, oh yes he did
If they're anything like tesco they put free samples and stuff in there.
we've had a couple of free samples of these breakfast peanut bar things before
Had nothing :-(
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