Asda Opticians: Never Again

Found 20th May 2018
Just want to give a heads up on Asda Opticians and see other peoples experiences. Having been tempted by the posts on here about the low costs of Asda Opticians. I decided to give them a try. Main reason was that they offer high index lenses and varifocals for the price of normal lenses.

Now the price was at least £70 less than what I'd pay elsewhere. However the lens quality turned out to be shockingly poor with a huge distortion across where the varifocal border is. Thinking I'd get used to it, after a week it started giving me head aches so I had to return them to the store, fortunately the manager accepted them and blamed the frame.

Having chosen another frame the new set have the same ridiculous problem, I've had at least 5 pairs of varifocals over the last few years from various high street opticians and never seen anything like this.

I now can't be bothered to return them again as its obviously a problem with the quality of lens Asda are using. So for me, I've had enough of Asda Opticians
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I see.
Predikuesi5 m ago

I see.

Yes, but OP can't!
You must be rich, to be able to write off the glasses without a fight.
Go back and ask for all your money back and compensation for the time and effort involved.
Goods not fit for purpose.
I complained to tesco about opticians staff. Who were rude and patronising and very unhelpful to the disabled friend I took to them.
Comments like why cant she walk to the chair its only 5 feet. ( She is wheelchair bound ).
Tesco called me back to say sorry and have the glasses on us.
Its worth making a fuss.
I've been wearing varifocals for 30 years. For a long time, I understood there are, broadly, 3 price bands and the difference is the amount of 'useable' reading space.

Recently, on the back of an innovation with Zeiss, I tried Zeiss lenses and had a terrible ding dong with the Opticians. Since the whole experience of using an Optician is deeply shrouded by mists of impenetrable complications, all I can gather is that my eyes have grown used to the Rodenstock lenses I have used for those 30 year. Using Zeiss lenses gave me headaches and poor depth of field perception.

That's not a criticism of Zeiss. Its just that I am led to understand there are differences between manufacturers lenses and eyes can be sensitive to such things.

So that leaves me with just about the most expensive option (a whisker over £250 per eye for the high index lenses) which is even more annoying.

Oddly though, I can buy inexpensive variofocal Sunglasses and not suffer.

I really do hate Opticians for the mystery and lack of clarity. Seems to me that 'you need new lenses' needs a wealth warning and perhaps the Govt could do something useful by making them explain why in terms us mere mortals can understand.

What I hate been more is that they regard your history as their data, not yours. I asked for a copy once when moving opticians as I moved house and was told No.
I’ve had good experiences with Asda opticians.
Ex mse

Price of the cheapest glasses
Goggles4u £11.62 ($16.90) (1)
Budgetspex £13
Tesco £15 (must collect in store)
Selectspecs £15.95
Perfectspecs £19.50
Spex4less* £23.92
Zenni £24.70 ($35.90) (1)
Glasses2you £27.45
Glasses Direct* £28.95
39dollarglasses* £35.70 ($51.95) (1)
Prices correct as of June 2016. (1) Import VAT will also be due on goods above £15, and customs duty on goods above £135.
Goggles4u have been brilliant lenses although cheapo frames aren't that great. Tip. If you get new prescription get a cheap pair made up to see how you feel with them. I do. If you don't get on with new lenses you can stick with the old prescription or get another eye test. Saves splashing out big money without knowing if prescription is off or lenses are duff.
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I used them years ago, had an anti reflection coating added and the glasses they gave had one lens with a pink tinge to the coating, the other lens was a yellowy colour. Went back and the girl who served just couldn't see the difference, she went through various members of staff who all said nope can't see a difference. Frustrated I trapped 2 shoppers who were walking by and asked for those comments, both could see the difference. So the glasses were sent back and came back with a note stating that the lens were different brands so were replaced with the same brands so the coating would match.
davewave2 h, 22 m ago

Been to Turkey a few times and the German tourists bring their …Been to Turkey a few times and the German tourists bring their prescriptions with case you're going to Turkey.Otherwise why not try one of the online retailers?

Funny enough I was in Turkey couple of weeks back
I've tried online opticians once or twice and had a mixed experience. Firstly the cheapest prices quoted are for frames most us wouldn't be seen dead in. But also I find it tricky to pick the right frame without trying them on. The last time I bought online the frame had an odd pattern which couldn't be seen in the website images. Another time I ordered the frames for a home trial, just to be sure I got the right one, but it was a cumbersome process.

After reading Bigwheels comment I'm now tempted to go back and complain again.
Most of the online ones use plastic lenses which scratch very easily and most don't include anti glare for free. Comparing that to Specsavers who include both anti glare and anti scratch for free and their glasses can be very cheap. Asda are good because they do thinning for free on their 5.0 and above prescription and then even thinner for 7.5 and above. Which I think would be about £40-100 at Specsavers.
In the past Asda used to send their lenses to be manufactured and dispensed by Hoya UK based in Wales, but due to costs switched to Chinese Lenses. Thus the standard and quality of the overall lenses can vary. Usually you pay for what you get sadly when it comes to varifocal and bifocals lens especially from the likes of Zeiss, Essilor (They own the majority of major brands now), Seiko, Hoya, and Nikon are expensive.

With Varifocals (progressive) and Bifocals each manufacturer and retailer have their own specific way to measure and fit each frame and lens. Thus the difficulty to correctly fit each set of glasses to the individual's particular prescription. This is why many people find their prescription is wrongly dispensed.

OP When you say huge distortion, do you mean Chromatic aberration ? (The link explains high-index, abbe value, and CA). A high-index or thinner lens doesn't necessary mean improved clarity, or less disadvantages. In fact polycarbonate lenses due to their low abbe value means there is a higher likelihood of the user suffering CA. Unfortunately with high-index lenses the actual sweet spot or field of vision can be reduced, unless proscribed aspheric or double aspheric lenses (very expensive).

As the other users have stated speak to your optician to see if they can remedy the situation and obtain a second opinion with another ophthalmist (if possible). Then request if they would allow the choice of the lens manufacturer.
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Should of Gone to Specsavers!
splender7 h, 9 m ago

Not sure what your question is, means they have …Not sure what your question is, means they have glasses starting from $39

+ $12.95 delivery +import duty. The cheapest delivery, even for US residents, is $4.95.

Therefore I cannot acquire a pair of glasses for $39 from They might as well have called themselves and made the misleading name even more appealing.

Thank you,
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