Asda over charge is there anything I can do?

I should have looked more closley at the time but I had to race to get my son from pre-school and didn't pay attention to my reciept. Just had a quick scan of it and Ive been over charged twice!

Once for fruit flakes pack of 5 which I only bought one of but been charged 2 of

and second for 6 rolls of bounty which were supposed to be on roll back to £3.00 but I was charged £4.35

I know its not much but Im not exactly rolling in cash so I have been over charged £3.05.

Is there anything I can do after the event or just put up and shut up so to speak x


Take your receipt in and speak to customer service, the worse they can do is call the police and have you arrested for fraud.... lol.. ok, the worse they will do is say they can't help since you left the store.

I'd say you have a good chance of getting the money back for the bountys though, as they can check what price they are advertised as.

definately go back about - 6 rolls of bounty which were supposed to be on roll back to £3.00 but I was charged £4.35 - as long as your sure thats the item

and then mention other one - you might be lucky:thumbsup:

Take your receipt back to customer services tomorrow and explain the overcharges. Asda have a good customer care so you should get a refund and maybe something extra as a goodwill gesture. Dont think the amount is too small - an asda employee would have to work for around 45 minutes to make that much. Good luck

you should also get a £2 giftcard fo every over price

phone them, they're usually happy to refund you if you haven't opened any of the items you return.
As for the fruit flakes, might be difficult to prove :-D

Original Poster

Ive sent them a very friendly e-mail as I have lost my voice and won't be going near the store again until Thursday so thought after your kind comments than an email with full receipt details might help x worth a shot x

Just think if every customer of asda was over charged by just a £1.00 each......

I will let you know - Im not expecting much but got to be highlighted eh lol x

If your not happy, then its definatly worth following up..tbh we often take the easy option of doing nothing. But to a supermarket,. a couple of pound refunded is better than losing a regular customer for life.

Probably not! I added two packs of pop priced at £2 each last night to my delivery for this morning. After they were delivered I realised I'd been charged £3.65 each an overcharge of £3.30. I rang CS who informed me that prices can change & I'd have to lump it. Unbeleivable other grocery websites inform you if the price will go up on the delivery date, but not Asda, I wonder why? I will definitely not be using Asda again!
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