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Found 16th Jan 2009
Have been getting birthday cakes for my son each year from Asda - the ones where they print your pic on top. Just went to get it done and they have now refused to print my picture from the net due to copyright laws (they have tightened up this yr). Is there any way I can use an image to print (Ben 10) that would be ok.
I have looked at the Ben 10 cakes they actually sell in Asda but they are too small.
Very grateful for any advice x
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Try ebay, they will print any image onto a cake topper which you simply put onto any cake, I used them quite alot last year and they were really easy to use. Got a better cake for the total cost in the end too.
I agree with kidcat. I buy the cake toppers from ebay for my children's birthdays and have done so for the last 4 years . All i have to do is bake a sponge and fix the topper in place. There are so many different ones to choose from. i usually also buy the little fairy cakerice paper toppers aswell.
These two ideas are fab, problem is I need it for Sunday - as I have never had problem before didn't think anything of leaving it until this close but I will deff get one of these kits and toppers next year. Thanks both.
I would recommend the edible icing for the cake. This one is reasonable at 2.99 and can be personalised.
Item number: 140293400261 There are rice paper toppers for about a 1.50 on ebay but for the main cake i would recommend the edible icing ones.
Try a different Asda if you can (or Tesco), it depends on who serves you how strict they are :thumbsup:
Get a massive cake from Costco, personalised with writing and stuff, don't do pictures though, just balloons and stuff.

They are only £10.99 :thumbsup:
go to a different asda, or go at a time when that baker is not there!
Thankyou everyone for your help I am going to try a diff Asda and Tesco tomorrow or if not might have to settle for a ready made cake this year, wish I had looked into this earlier those kits etc look really simple.
If you have a photo of someone holding the image, lets say, or your son with whatever it may be, then that does not infringe on the copyright.

ie if you wanted a Ben 10 figure pictured on cake, that is not possibe, however if your son was holding the Ben 10 figure, that would be ok.

Hope that helps,
Can you photshop the image you want to include apic of your son? That would be more likely to go though.
hey allow them in our asda...son has had them done each year with a photoshop of him and a character-he loves them!
Take one in that says ASDA SUCKS
Can you take your own cake in e.g costco then get them to put a photo on ?
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