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Found 24th Nov 2012
I do APG every week, a recently some vouchers have been appearing at the bottom of the printout for my voucher.

Last week was £3 off 38 tablet boxes of Aries tabs, this week my voucher printed but the banner didn't load, it only printed the end of the HTML address 'the requested URL /corp/APG_Banners/coupon.html on this server' was printed

Can anyone find the direct link
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Oh thank goodness i'm not the only one. I have been trying to do this for a week and have the same problem, no matter which computer i use ( home/work/library) I emailed ASDA and according to their tech team site is working fine. I emailed them again and said the ASDA site is ok but the problem is with price check site, it either time s out or cannot connect to server. They havent got back to me yet. Maybe all of us who are having problems should email them then maybe they will realise there IS a problem. I've had quite a bit back last few shops and currently theres a £5 voucher but i cant access it. Maybe not the reply you wanted.
So how do we get it back? Some great offers to be had, surely one of you whizzes can find it
take a screen shot of the voucher and print it that way.
I am having the same trouble with printing Asda voucher. I have to say this is the first time I have experienced this problem. Perhaps we should take our till receipts to Asda and let them print the vouchers for us!!
From my todays shopping, I have a voucher for £3.50 which I am unable to print. The page prints page I of one at the top and asdas https and the date at the bottom with nothing in between .HELP.
I have not been able to print my vochers for nearly a week what is wrong
I have been trying to register my receipt on asda price checker for over a week now and all I am getting
is that asda are having problems and that their "tech wizards" are trying to fix it.
When you enter asda price checker on the google bar there is NO info to suggest there is a problem.
Come on Asda.... what is going on?!!!
Why haven't your Tech Wizards fixed your problem with voucher printing. I have not been able to print my vouchers for nearly a week what is wrong ?
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