ASDA PS3 Trade prices

    Thought people might find this list of prices I just got today useful.

    £15 MAG
    £14 GOW3
    £20 Heavy Rain
    £5 Battlefield Bad Company 1
    £7 Batman: Arkham Asylum
    £5 MGS4

    Total: £66 and I only paid £5 for MAG and Heavy Rain! LOL

    Wonder when they will realise they are giving ridiculous money out. Hopefully never.


    Wish I had picked up MAG for £3.99 now.....

    Any ideas on CODMW2

    ps Where did you get Heavy Rain for £5 from?
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    £20 for Heavy Rain is good, has been under that recently

    Thanks for the post. Follow this thread for prices that other memebers have found. MAG can be picked up for £10 in Argos, Blockbuster and Gamestation. I have taken a few copies in over the weekend. I will post a link for the trade thread.

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    How much would they give for unchanted 2 any ideas?

    Is this for cash?! Great prices if so!


    Is this for cash?! Great prices if so!

    Gift card i was told

    money goes on a gift card to be spent on anything instore.

    can u trade in two of the same games?


    can u trade in two of the same games?

    don't see why not

    tell them ones a mates of yours:)

    Thanks guys
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