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ASDA Replace *AND* Refund

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Posted 7th Sep 2015
Not sure how well known this is, but ASDA have policy where you can purchase a product, Try it and if your not 100% happy they will refund AND replace it..

I'm posting because I didn't know and its seems the staff didn't know either..

I bought some ASDA little angel bedtime pants, when i tried them we found them to be very tight and not in the 18-30Kg range they stated..

So i returned to ASDA with my receipt and my first argument was that they wouldn't accept an opened product, "How can I try them, without opening?"

Manager its OK...

Next i was offered an exchange, but when i pointed out the packaging stated refund and replace, I was told its one or the other, after a bit of disagreement and showing the statement printed on their packaging to the manager, I was given a full refund and my product replaced for a better one.

Why do we have to argue with supermarkets on the policies they implement? if they do not want to fulfil the promises maybe they shouldn't make them!

Just a heads up really.
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