Posted 6th Sep 2022
I got a £1 bonus if buy any 15 packs of fruit and veg between now and 14th Sept.

So I bought a pack of strawberries for £2 however my points/£ balance did not update.

Did I qualify if not product do I need to purchase to be eligible, any links?
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  1. confusedfashion19's avatar
    Did you count the strawberries to make sure there was 15 inside
  2. Wolfout's avatar
    You need to buy 15 different packs of fruit and veg
  3. RandomUser42's avatar
    I bought some broccoli and sprouts today and it says 13 more to go. I assume anything in the produce aisles would qualify, you sure you scanned the app right? (edited)
    rimalpatel007's avatar
    Oh right, i thought its one pack with 15 items inside!
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