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Found 9th Jan 2009
Info for end of month.

Just had home delivery from Asda and it was in 19 Bags. It wasn't a mega shop but £70 of shopping. 4 bags had 1 item in them each.

When I said how many bags to lass delivering shopping she was laughing.

She also said that at end of month there stopping using the bag as we know it at the checkouts but the bigger reuseable type at a cost.

Think they should start looking instore before at the customers.
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not true-I work for asda and there is no plan to phase out the bag at the checkout in 2009-this was briefed out at december monthly meeting so she is either pulling your leg or misinformed.

4 bags had 1 item in them each

You must like your cans of beer.

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ASDA are ridiculous with the amount of carrier bags they use(home … ASDA are ridiculous with the amount of carrier bags they use(home delivery), I for one would be pleased if they stopped it, there's no need:thumbsup:

its because of the way they pick your order-one person picks frozen,another does bakery,another home and leisure etc etc-it is possible for 7 or 8 diff colleagues to have picked one single order-they tag em all into order number cra-tes and the driver then takes all crates for that order-I know it sounds crazy but thats the way it works-not sure how other supermarkets work this-you would think it logical for one person to fill one complete order but asda believe having one person pick each section for all orders is the most efficient.
Tesco's are the same as well
Come on now stop it robtallica re:- the beer. Im not having it

LOL it's the best thing about home delivery they fetch it to the door. You carry on running for it.

Have fun
completly agree, i normally get 6 yogurts, one in each bag, one piece of fruit in each bag ect, but last week took delivery and they brought it in containers, they told me that they were phasing the bags out so someone has there wires crossed..
Cant you choose to have your order delivered without bags?

I do that with Tesco
Well I had a delivery yesterday and I had 1 carrier bag and the rest came in containers, I were told that they were not giving bags out anymore. I was a little upset though because I had a bit of frozen stuff, that I had to take out of the containers and put somewhere till the other stuff was delivered.
they were looking to phase out bags on the home delivery, but after 4 days had too many complaints so its back to the bags.

dont see the problem, the driver who comes should allways ask for your old bags or use them as bin bags.
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