Asda Sleep Easy instant tea - cant find it anywhere! xx

Found 22nd Sep 2010
Can anyone help? I'm not sure this is a deal request - more where can i find it xx
I started buying Asda Sleep Easy instant tea a while back - and fell in love with it - now it no longer on their shelves. if its been discontined - where do all the stock go? I've tried approved foods etc - please help - i'd buy it by the pallet load if i could find it lol.

I was hoping someone might be able to help - or someone who works for Asda may know - Thank you in advance guys xx xx

The Packaging....

200g cylinder dark lilac tub with a blue pull on/off lid to the top of it and a picture of a cup and saucer on the front. In white writing I'm told it is Asda Sleep Easy 'Calming and soothing green tea drink with natural camomile and a hint of cinnamon, the perfect drink before bedtime' and that it's a new product and on the bottom of the tub I'm told it can be drank hot or cold


Cant help you on the 200G one but there is this one - dont know if its any good
Sleep Easy TBags

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Thank you Jez, but alas, no - ive tried those - they are teabags made by Clipper - and dont taste the same - the Asda one was an instant one - and was gorgeous xx Thank you tho xx

No worries hope you find them

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Still no joy - emailed asda - still waiting for an answer

i emailed asda last november about the children in need poster they were supposed to be selling, that was almost 11 months ago and still waiting for a reply, good luck!!!
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