Asda Tesco phone prank

This is old but some people may not have heard it yet:…XrE

Found it funny lol.


Made me laugh - I can't believe the person said it on the tannoy. Brilliant! Thanks.

Original Poster

thanks t0mm

haha very good :-D


Very funny, she even repeted it twice!!!

Original Poster

exactly lol even read it to repeated to the pranker to confirm lol.

Its pretty old but still funny.


lol, I can't believe this happened.

LOL how did she not realise what she was saying

Very funny and the Ya Ya woman, brilliant :-D

That was good!

Excellent!! Wonder what happened afterwards!!?

both really funny LOL

Original Poster

yep i wonder what happnd afta maybe do a re run

heard it ages ago

Original Poster

i did say old.
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