Asda to discontinue Slimzone meals

    Today ASDA have announced that they will be binning off their Slimzone range, after finding out that assessment methods used by Slimming World may not be quite what they'd thought. Apparently Slimming World has taken legal action to have their trademark removed from their Slimzone meals - More info here

    Quoted from the Asda News & Blog section - Source

    "A spokesperson for Asda said: “We take great pride in the integrity of the claims we make about our products. Recent information has come to light indicating that the method used by Slimming World to assess whether a ready-meal is free or not, surprisingly, is partly subjective and involves more than simply making food with free ingredients."

    “Slimzone was always intended to bring more choice and lower prices to customers shopping for healthy frozen ready meals but because of this new information, we have chosen to remove the range while we consider the best option for our customers."

    Looking at the ASDA Facebook page, some customers aren't happy with them being removed from sale and rate them pretty highly. Not sure if Asda would consider bringing them back with altered info ect... But who knows?



    So an arbitrary unscientific scheme based on selling branded products... is an arbitrary unscientific scheme?
    Who knew!

    Calories in Vs Calories out... Really is all that matters on the physical side.

    (I'd suggest myfitnesspal to monitor it, but other options are available - the mental side is another matter of course and will vary person to person.)


    ...Calories in Vs Calories out... Really is all that matters on the … ...Calories in Vs Calories out... Really is all that matters on the physical side...

    I think you just summarised the following...

    […spx ]
    Food Optimising is Slimming World’s healthy eating plan. Based on the principles of energy density and satiety, Food Optimising empowers members to make healthier food choices, satisfy their appetites and lose weight – without calorie counting or obsessive weighing and measuring.

    Food Optimising is easy to follow, focusing on three main components:

    1. The concept of Free Foods promotes consumption of plenty of low energy dense and highly satiating foods, eg poultry, fish, lean meat, pasta, grains, vegetables and fruit, which can be eaten without restriction. Members are encouraged to use these foods to satisfy their appetite while reducing overall energy intake. With Free Foods members don’t have to monitor every mouthful – so compliance is easy to establish and sustain.

    2. Healthy Extras help provide a good overall balance of nutrients in addition to those obtained from Free Foods, with particular emphasis on calcium and fibre-rich foods, eg milk, cheese, cereals and wholemeal bread.

    3. The synergy between Free Foods, Healthy Extras and Syns makes Food Optimising effective and easy to live with long term. Syns are the way members can enjoy the foods that many diets ban – without a shred of guilt! Counting Syns helps members naturally limit consumption of saturated fats, alcohol and sugar, ie those foods with a high energy density and poor ability to satisfy hunger.

    To be honest the ones I tried were pretty yuck. The chicken in the Jalfrezi was dry and tasteless.
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    I think I saw a program stating supermarkets slim range contain the same contents of their normal range and sometimes more. So not surprised.


    To be honest the ones I tried were pretty yuck. The chicken in the … To be honest the ones I tried were pretty yuck. The chicken in the Jalfrezi was dry and tasteless.

    ​my experience - from making curries and other dishes that use a base sauce from scratch - is that you need fat to make the sauce taste nicer. The fat helps the flavours meld and binds everything together. You can leech some of the oil after cooking but in my opinion a lot of people who claim to be able to make a low fat curry that tastes anywhere close to a traditional curry are deluding themselves​ (through self-motivation), have poor taste receptors or are simply talking rubbish.

    Whenever I diet I tend to stick to things that I know work OK in a low fat form - so I stay away from curries, chillis, lasagne and suchlike and save those for a treat day.
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