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Found 20th Mar 2011

I'm not sure if anyone can help me, but i'll try anyway.
Last April i bought one of those £100 trampline combo's (great trampoline), anyway late last year, the wind blew it over, resulting in 2 of the poles for the safety net bent, now the weather is getting better, i went out to see how bad the damage was and tried to pull the pole straight, and was shocked when it snapped in half.

My questions are:- as this is still under a year old, could i claim something for it? (i know i very much doubt it)

and has anyone manage to ever get replacement parts for these trampolines from Asda?

any help is appreciated, this is my 4th trampoline and net and i just don't want to goto the expense in buying yet another safety net.
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definitely no help from Asda as it wouldnt fall into "normal wear and tear"
We replaced two of our safety net poles with scaffolding poles, they were same size and much stronger than the originals.
So... the wind blew it over.. and you decided to leave it for three months.

Now you're surprised it's f***ed?
Not that I should explain myself, but for your info I had an accident at Christmas, hence why I haven't really bothered until now, I only wanted some advice not abuse.
Check Ebay loads of spares on there

We replaced two of our safety net poles with scaffolding poles, they were … We replaced two of our safety net poles with scaffolding poles, they were same size and much stronger than the originals.

I like that thinking, sort of thing I would do. Now where can I nick a few poles from?
ask at your local traveller site.

ask at your local traveller site.

You mean the Caravan Utilising Nomadic Travellers?
wait.. 4th trampoline!?

i bought a 10ft trampoline when woolworths was closing down for £15, its been find every since!
I need a new net for mine, it's going to be around £40 i can get a new trampoline for £80 odd no wonder we're a throw away society when the spares are soo expensive
3rd trampoline 4th net, instead of just replacing the net, it has been cheaper to buy the combi deals, trying eBay fingers crossed I find something. I don't get why to try gypsy's like

I don't get why to try gypsy's like

that was in reply to me querying where to "acquire" some scaffold poles.
May sound daft but could something like this…%3D be used as a substitute post?

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Get a proper trampoline! When I was younger (14+) I had a professional one (I know not really suitable if it's for really young kids) which cost around £650 for a 14ft. It lasted years and years of daily use, was out all year round in all weathers and when I'd stopped using it, we gave it to the neighbours whose kids are still using it! It's a big expense in one go, but if you're on your fourth £100 trampoline, not a lot more! The cheap ones are very poor quality... if it blows over in the wind and the poles snap, that's a bad sign!!!
Spare poles on ebay £7.99 + £5.99 postage, any additional free postage item number 360343345851

Includes padding foam tubes too.
Hi, just wondering if you got sorted with replacement poles as we have had the same trouble this week after the storms?
I bought some pole from eBay, and just replaced the bottom half of the poles, unfortunately I could only buy all 4 poles, so now have spares in case it happens again.
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