Found 6th Nov 2010
Did my shopping online last week and got the free £40 worth of vouchers book which was active from the 4th november.

went in today and noticed every item that is in the book has gone up in price!!! for example persil 50 wash powder is now over £10 where normally its about 5-6. how can this be legal!!

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Why wouldn't it be legal?

Don't shop there but do they guarantee the price on the vouchers or something?

Nothing illegal about it, and I'm stunned that you're suprised!

El paso kits are the same price as normal.

Said the same thing myself today when I went to use them on my shop. The Chinese/Indian meals was 2 quid more, the persil was more expensive

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whats the point on the vouchers though?? really?? i just bought the usual stuff rather than going for them.

all they have done is waste paper really

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not as if its to get new customers shopping as they have only been issued to previous customers

It is irritating that I get the voucher book with the shopping delivered to the house, but I have to go to the store to redeem the vouchers. The meal bag was a swizz, but they do another one now for £4 that's just as good. I used the Warburtons one, and the persil one (as it still brought the price down to lower than usual) and I've given the rest to someone who says they'll use the Campagne one and the candle one, amongst others.

atleast you got your vouchers, i didnt get any vouchers when my £87 order came on monday!


atleast you got your vouchers, i didnt get any vouchers when my £87 order … atleast you got your vouchers, i didnt get any vouchers when my £87 order came on monday!

My driver chap said they'd just started dishing them out to home deliveries because of some complaints - I'm sure I heard on the radio that you would still get them but he seemed to think that hadn't always been the plan. I'm sure if you ring and query it you'd get some!

My local Asda was packed out today - I personally blame it on the chocs being £4 a tin. Even tho I had not purchased any, there were lots of people who had! Just wondering how many our family will recieve as pressies for Christmas!

Same with the Sony VAT back promotion..... Same with most 'deals' in retail, bring stock in at a higher price than it's worth (if anyone buys it at this price it's a bonus), sell it for it's true price a few weeks later and advertise that it's half price....

our local asda was packed today too, I thought the prices had gone up on the voucher items! ive had 2 lots now and given them away as i wont need them, i'll get another tomorrow if anyone wants it.

I got a voucher book with my online shop even though it was under £40.
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