Asda's Carlsberg Export

Found 19th Aug 2009
While doing my online shopping today, i noticed that it is cheaper to buy the Carlsberg Export cans in packs of four rather than in a multi pack box. Even though they are the same amount of volume as in 440ml and the same alcoholic percentage as in 5%.
For a four pack they charge £2.98 and for a 15 pack they charge £11.98. Apparently it is more a litre, however i don't know how that works, considering its the same lager.
I am not to sure whether this is the same price in store, this is only my second price so i am not to sure if it is ok, sorry in advance.

Please beware you are paying more for the packaging that costs the earth than the alcohol that gets you drunk!
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So why is it exactly a con ?

Dont always presume bigger packs are cheaper and check the price per item before you buy anything , simple
definetly not to be classified as a con, this can be common in supermarkets
Its not a con its sales promo

Tesco this week, Tetley tea bags cheaper to buy 2 x 80 with 80 free than a 360 bag,
it happens regular
ok we get the point its NOT a con jesus lol

ok we get the point its NOT a con jesus lol

Jesus wont help you:thumbsup: LOL

Jesus wont help you:thumbsup: LOLYOU SHOULD KNOW

lol he might do :whistling:

i should know?

Carlsberg Export?!!!:w00t: Who the heck would buy that anyway?:p

me :oops:
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