Asda's Returns Polucy Help

    I bouught a PS3 game for someone last week and it turns out they've jjst bought it for themselves too. Therefore i would want to return mine i bought from Asda instore.

    Does anybody know Asda's returns and refund policy on this? Its in the same condition as when i bought it



    is it sealed? if so i think they will return it, ive taken a few games back and its just depended on the person on the desk some have said no and others have done it no problem. ask them to put the money on a gift card for them, thats what i always do.


    gotta be sealed with all orig packaging

    oooh oohh its the sound of the PO-luce

    actual POLICY is that they WONT take it back,sealed or not,but the likelihood is that customer services will be flexible. Used to have a policy of instant refund on all games/dvds etc but this was abused by people buying dvds and watching/copying then returning etc that the policy was changed last year,so they can refuse if they want to.

    i heard there was a thing called a gift receipt you could get so if you need to return it they know you got it as a gift, but i bought something a bit back not sure if it was a game or dvd and asked for a gift receipt and the women had no idea what i was on about lol

    i know our asds is as long as the seal is stil on they will take back within 28 days , i bought a game with no cello on but lady put one of those sticky lable things and said it was fine to take back as long as that was stil on , prob worth trying to see what they say think it depends who serves you and all asdas end up being dif

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    Thankyou for the info guys :thumbsup:
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