Asos costumer service number !!! 02077561000

Posted 11th Nov 2008
Anyone having problems with this company (as I did)

They have an email ONLY costumer service link on their website (say they do not have costumer service telephone nr)

NOT TRUE - save yourself time by emailing and call them on 02077561000.
I have read tons of complaints online ppl who email endless without results.

I sent 20 emails - got no where - I found out their nr - called once (asked for a manager) after 30 sec - problem solved.

Hope this helps someone.
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Great Thank you
I was having tons of problems with a delivery (emailing got me nowhere!) and called the number above- you were right, problem solved in less than a minute. Save yourself the email hassle and just ring!
you are an angel, my item didnt arrive, yet tracking said it did, phoned this number and they sent a replacement. They should put this number on their website. Thanks for posting this xxx
WOW! AMAZING, THANKS SO MUCH! why is it not on the website, though?
Thank you!!!
terrible company. we had bad experience with them!

even the receptionist at their headquarters refuse to identify herself
I tried to e-mail and only got scripted replies many times over. My goods were ordered for delivery before 14/12/12 but have never arrived. The payment has been taken from my account and I cannot get any satisfaction from Asos. I tried the telephone number as suggested but was left on hold for a very long period. Does anyone have an address for written complaints?

Anyone having problems with this company (as I did)They have an email … Anyone having problems with this company (as I did)They have an email ONLY costumer service link on their website (say they do not have costumer service telephone nr)NOT TRUE - save yourself time by emailing and call them on 02077561000.I have read tons of complaints online ppl who email endless without results.I sent 20 emails - got no where - I found out their nr - called once (asked for a manager) after 30 sec - problem solved.Hope this helps someone.

Brilliant help thanks, just telephoned and answered really quickly!

Brilliant help thanks, just telephoned and answered really quickly!

Hello! I am really hoping you can help answer my question. I've tried several different ways of dialing this number to get ahold of the ASOS manager but I do not understand how to dial it. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 and my plan is Verizon. Any help would be wonderful, I've been trying for hours to get ahold of ASOS about my order
Answered very quickly and now hopefully solving the problem.....thanks for the info!!
PERFECT! rang the number and they sorted it! KUDOS to Scarletje
Their customer service is the worst I've came across in my entire life! Just ridiculous! Does anyone know how to complain about this?
EUREKA!! Just used the number, within 3 minutes my issue was resolved. Who needs e-mail!? I have saved this number in my phone.
Hi there,
I've been trying to dial this number but for some reason it won't work ... I live in Canada and I really need to get in touch with them ASAP!
Please beware of ASOS 0844 number, they charge 75p per minute.
Number has been very helpful once you get through
I used 08435158128 worked fine this is only 5 per min on the land but mobile providers rip you off. Thanks for the advice about ringing all sorted
Took me 15mins to get thru! Good luck
After many emails and so many orders going wrong, I phoned two different numbers for customer services. They told me they had made a mistake and would send me an email with a voucher for my refund within the next 15 minutes. That didn't happen and I have spent 45 minutes waiting on the phone (experiencing high volume of calls, ummm wonder why) which will no doubt cost me a fortune! Terrible customers services, continually making mistakes. Reluctant to ever use this company again
Their customer service team are mainly based in Belfast... they use a company called Concentrix who throw non english speakers on their telephone lines.. useless company with useless staff!
Thank you!! Just used the number and got an instant result!
The worst service I have ever come across in my life
Worse customer service ever. I have been on the phone over an hour non stop placed on hold. Emailed but the drop down does not have my query.

I made an order 7am today just to find it's been unsuccessful need to speak to a rep no avail. Am travelling with these stuff need to talk to someone asap. I have tried every single phone number on you page.

This is my first experience and it's a terrible one.
Thanks. Just used the number and my issue resolved promptly. (had sent an email a few hours before coming across this post and have still not received an email response!)
Ive been waiting two weeks for my order... ASOS twitter who were meant to "get back to me in a tick" havent for over 24 hrs, and emailed customer services - two days. Bloody rubbish service and I will be demanding my money back IN FULL!!
This is the absolute worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with! Bloody Awful!!!!! I have dialed every customer service phone number I could find to include 011-44-0844-955-9533 011-44-0207-756-1000 011-44-0843-515-8128 and 011-44-0843-506-9493 to only find out each and every number was "disconnected" or "no longer in service." WTF? This was even after I actually got through one time, but the call was dripped & when I called back all of a sudden it was "disconnected. I will absolutely without a doubt NEVER use this site or company again nor recommend it to anyone I know! BEWARE...SCAM!!!!
Horrible company! They have okay stuff but it's not that unique nor is it worth the hassle. They Cancel customer orders like their time spent online meant nothing!
Very fraudulent company that makes millions but cant be bothered to erect a very reliable customer service sector for their paying customers. Yuck!
Almost comes off as a scam site! I spent over 800 dollars on cyber Monday and my orders haven't gotten here while some were canceled for one reason or the other! why promise a discount that you don't feel comfortable with? Cos I feel that's rge bone of contention. Then they offer you a miserable 10% off coupon as if that affects anything?! Of all the places I shopped, this was the worst. If my card gets exploited by online hackers, It'll confirm my theory about ASOS running a questionable business because this is all just fishy!
Ps: my bank confirmed that they took the money, there was no issue with my account or card hence screw u Asos!
Took me an hour to get through. If they can't deliver next day delivery then why say they can. Good luck trying to get through. On the plus they are giving me 20% of my next order.
Does anyone know how much this number costs per minute from uk mobile networks??
I've been on hold for waaaaaaaay too long

I'm astounded that this company seems to be flourishing in terms of share price, revenue and profits. Have known of the name for about 5 years, but placed first order on 1st December. Won't list the series of failures and non existent customer service and I am sure this is well documented here and elsewhere online. But I will never order again even if they offer the most amazing deal in retail history. Awful company using an awful courier - a match not made in heaven.
Please someone help me! I tried all their numbers and I keep getting a busy tone! Help!
ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE, had an order next day delivery part of it was a Christmas present which was the part they forgot to fricken pack!!! it is on the delivery note and i have been charged for it... i have facebooked, sent DM's through asoshelp twitter account and tweeted both the asoshelp twitter and asos main twitter account i have emailed and phoned various numbers which ring then say this number has been disconnected then a really annoying loud cracking annoyance noise on the phone. I hate you asos i literally hate you.. someone is going to have a crap christmas present off me if you dont bloody send the missing item out TODAY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
My brother ordered 3 items for his wife for Christmas, next day delivery. The next day 1 item arrived I phoned the delivery company and they told me that their system was showing for 1 item only. Tried to use the stupid email link and got the standard issue response, so emailed them a second time with the order numbers and items as listed. So far I have not had a reply. Now I'm going to try this telephone number and let rip. But he tells me that the £350 has been taken from his account with no issues "BAH HUMBUG ASOS!!!"
Shocking level of customer care. I couldn't even find a direct email and the FAQ doesn't cover my issue. Kept holding for close to 30 minutes before giving up, exasperated. They offer assistance via Twitter, but not a fast response, and I'm still in limbo. I'll never shop with ASOS again.
Thank you - two failed pick ups from the collection company, no response from online customer care and delayed refund from collect and click but got straight through to customer services via this number and all sorted. Fabulous. Thank you.
Thank you very much for your help, the number works and my problem was solved in less than 5 minutes.
Stay blessed.
Just called them at midnight. Still open and helpful. Just confused as taken money and no parcel received by delivery date and no tracking number. Told to ring in 2 days for refund if parcel not arrived
Hi, Has anyone got the contact number for customer service? Thanks :-)
I have just rang the above number to have magazines stop coming for previous tenant and got straight through.
Used Asos for the first and last time this week. Dreadful site. Paid for nominated delivery date and recd emails saying items on their way. Then on delivery date itself recd email from courrier saying they hadn't recd items to despatch and to get in touch with Asos. After frustrating time trying to use their site trying to track my parcel and finally being told my records didn't exist(!) I rang the 08443851700 tel no (charged at 5p per min). On line for around 7mins. They couldn't find my order either. Have cancelled and asked for full refund. I'll have to wait to see what happens to that I suppose.
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