ASOS have launched a new 'See My Fit' feature - see the clothes you want on 16 different sized Models

Posted 17th Jan
ASOS have just launched a new feature on site which allows you to view the clothes you want, on a model of a similar body type and height.

Being just 5 ft 2 (and 1/2) I love this idea! I'm far from your average model body

The models range from 5ft 1in to 5ft 9in, and from sizes 4 to 18.

This is just a trial, so it's likely to be developed further

"Want to get a better idea of how that dress you love will look IRL? Our new See My Fit tool is here to help. We’ve digitally fitted 16 models in our best dresses, showing two body types for each size. So, it’s easier to imagine how each one might look on you – and easier to find your perfect piece! Think of it kinda like a fitting room, but without the bad lighting and the pushy shop assistant. PS, if you feel like your size is missing, don’t worry – this is just a trial. We’ll be adding more sizes in the future."


How does it work?

  • Click through to the 'See My Fit' section
  • Select Models down the left hand side.
  • A new screen will show, which includes the height and size of a selection of models
  • Choose the closest to your body type



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I think that's a great idea from ASOS I always find it hard to imagine something on myself when looking at clothes online.. Hope more retailers catch on and offer this.. Sick of seeing the same size models that does not reflect women's shapes and sizes...
Absolutely brilliant! I've often thought it would be useful to see an item on a similarly proportioned lady.
Sadly for me, clothing looks fantastic on a size 10, not so hot on bigger frames!
Wow what a great idea from ASOS
Good to see ASOS leading the way forward in the online clothes shopping experience for those who are built for comfort rather than speed.
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