Aspire one freezing / unresponsive

    Advice please.

    The wifes aspire one has started freezing, sometimes upon boot, sometimes after a couple hours use. becomes completely unresponsive. Have done many different types of virus and malware checks with nothing outstanding appearing. used ubcd to check the hdd and it shows it to be healthy, though it is the hdd i suspect. without a 2nd hdd and the means to reinstall windows, what else can i look at? ideally before the wife attempts to fix her self by launching it out of a window !!


    might be worth reformatting if she can save her files to disc first

    is it getting very hot

    reinstall it through the disk(hard disk i mean),and if it is a bit old then open it your self or take it to some one who knows how to open it and clean it form inside,i am 90 percent sure it is becuz of dust which is blocking the heat inside and the fan doesn't seems to be helping n when you clean it you will see the result straight away,also buy the cheap laptop cooler fan which runs from usb,that will help too

    if your on xp/vista you could try this seems to keep mine cool…ol/
    is a free application for Aspire One users running Windows XP or vista that gives you a bit more control over your fan speed. It displays the current temperature and lets you determine when your fan should turn on and off.

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    is it getting very hot

    has always been pretty warm.

    Will reformat and reinstall windows when i have the means too. was hoping for another answer. i could open it for a clean, though its a fair old strip down the aspire one lol
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