AsRock - 4Core1600TWINS-P35 - Anywhere cheaper than ebay? £58.44 delivered.

I'm pretty sure my motherboards muffed up, so what better to do as i got a spanking new core 2 duo, than upgrade. I've been looking at this model, due to the support for instant boot (me hate waiting for pc to boot) and upto 16gb ram (not gonna need more than 4gb) but will be future proof. And in the case, than I want convert to a gamer, it has dual pci-e. the chepest i've found is £58.44 delivered on ebay, but i can't seem to find anywhere cheaper. is there anywhere else that stocks this?



£58.49 Del. (Delivery is £4.50 for me.)

PS: 2 x PCI-E x16 slots (white @ x16 mode, purple @ x4 mode)
Do you need/want PCIe 2x16 mode? :thinking:

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http://www.eclipsecomputers.com/product.aspx?code=MBA-4CORETWIN£58.49 … http://www.eclipsecomputers.com/product.aspx?code=MBA-4CORETWIN£58.49 Del. (Delivery is £4.50 for me.)PS: 2 x PCI-E x16 slots (white @ x16 mode, purple @ x4 mode)Do you need/want PCIe 2x16 mode? :thinking:

thankyou for help rep give, i realised my pc case is only micro atx, and i don't need 2 cards, never really seen gaming as my thing, so i've opted for the G43Twins-FullHD model which is 55 quid delivered on ebay, site seems pretty handy aswell, so thankyou again
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