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Found 26th Dec 2017
Hi all,

Hope you had a good Xmas. I have a spare code for this game and not sure where I can sell it. I never sell stuff online so haven’t got a profile that would be considered ‘trusted’ on eBay/Facebook/etc. With positive feedback form buyers. Also none of my friends have one either

Any suggestions? Wanted to flog it for say 25/30 quid somewhere.


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I would definitely just pop it on eBay! Good to get the ball rolling with good feedback. Just make sure you state it's your first sale in the description and write everything clearly and honestly and you'll be good to go. And make sure to sell it well of course!

A pointer though. I sold my AC Origins PC code on eBay. The chap that bought it was actually a fraudulent buyer (his eBay was hacked) and it has been a bloody nightmare being stuck in the middle of. Make sure if they purchase it you ONLY send it to an email address they provide and not over eBay message, and record each step of the transaction with screenshots. Make sure everything adds up too. With a digital product it's a bit harder to sort if things go wrong as you've technically lost the product as soon as the code is given. So yeah, my advice is pop it on eBay for 30ish, write an honest description, keep a copy of the description etc just in case and make sure you fulfil your part well. Should be good to go! Then you can start the feedback ball rolling for the future.

Of course, the above scenario is incredibly unlikely, but as it's a digital product I just urge you to be a bit more cautious.
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Ebay forbids digital content
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