Assassins Creed: The Ezio Collection Announced

    Thoughts on this? Launches 17th November
    Ac 2
    Ac: Brotherhood
    Ac: Revelations…te/


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    More milking the brand however brotherhood was very good

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    More milking the brand however brotherhood was very good

    'What we gonna do for money this year since we don't have a new game coming out? Lets remaster some old ones and sell that'
    Probably be about £30 I'm gonna say, I can't see anywhere taking pre orders yet but its not been announced too long.


    Would've been cooler if Ubisoft would release "Assassin's Creed: The Quadrilogy" so players could catch up with the series and the best games in the series.

    Bundle it up with a reasonably priced,(free might be asking too much) 'Leap of Faith' statue and I'd seriously consider this

    Trailer looked crap

    Not even a Remaster. Just bummed up to 1080p by all accounts.

    My fave games of last gen tbh. It played so much better on 360.

    Will av a butchers if the price is reasonable.

    If they'd have given the beans like Cod 4 Remaster I'd have dribbled out of every orifice.

    Seems to be a Collector's Case to be had,though I'd still prefer the 'leap'
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